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PET TRAVEL BLOG Share your pet travel experience with the world. Help make pet travel safer, convenient and affordable. Your adorable companions deserve a good travelling experience.

Welcome to Pet Travel Blog

This blog is an effort to help pet lovers across the world travel with their pets. Due to lack of information, lots of rules/regulations/laws involved in the process and lots of money involved this whole pet travel process becomes a very torturing experience for pet owners.

Share your queries, share your experience, share information and guide others. Lets help pet owners across the world come together and help each other. 


Is it safe?

Pet travel involves multiple factors like pet’s health, mode of travel, duration of travel etc. But if the pet owner’s do their homework well pet travel is very safe.

How to prepare?

Depending on the nature of travel there is a lot which goes into preparing your pet for the epic travel experience. Know more about how to prepare your fury freind.

How much does it cost?

Pet travel cost varies depending on the mode of trasport. Whatever its going to costs its worth. Know more about costing.


All you need to know to travel with your pet
pet travel training


Watch out for this basic check-list when travelling with pet in kennel
  • Kennel Size

    The pet should able to stand with head fully erect, turn around and lie down comfortably.
  • Kennel Material

    The kennel must be made of rigid plastic with a built-in metal door.
  • Inside Kennel

    Kennel must have some absorbent material on the floor like absorbing cloth, newspaper or blanket.
  • Kennel Stickers

    Live animal stickers, UP arrow markers on the exterior of the kennel are required.
  • Kennel Attachments

    Attach a container with two compartments for water and food to kennel.
  • Misc. Musts

    No wheels, the door should be metal and lock centrally to top and bottom.

Kennel Size Calculator

Kennel size is very important, get it right.
kennel size measurement


Distance from the top of the nose to the root of the tail.

This field is required.

Distance from the ground to the elbow joint.

This field is required.

Width of the widest point of the animal.

This field is required.

From the ground to the highest point of the animal

This field is required.

Is your pet a snub nosed cat or dog?

Need to select one value.

Based on your mearsurements suggested Kennel size is; inch (Length)
Size Kennel
(Approx. Kennel Size) View All Standard Sizes Available In Market

More than 48inch You may need a custom-made crate. Please contact a professional.

View All Standard Sizes Available In Market

Confused? Worried? Both??

Share your queries and experience. Help or get help

  • Is it safe to travel by air or train or car?
  • Is my dog too old to travel?
  • What kennel size?
  • What documents are required?
  • Vaccination records?
  • Government NOC?

There maybe a lot of things on your mind. Please go through the website to find out more details and answer your queries. If still you can’t find the answer to your queries write to us and we will try our best to help you out.


We will try our best to help you.


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