Pet travel check list | All what you need to travel with your pet


When it comes to travelling with your furry friend you need to check for some basic requirements which can make your pet’s and your travel experience a rememberable one.

General List of Documents

  1. NOC/Export certificate
  2. Health or Fitness certificate
  3. Vaccination record (1 year)
  4. Micro-chip certificate (usually mandatory only for Europian countries/US but not Canada)
  5. Owner’s passport copy
  6. Owner’s ticket copy
  7. Blood report or Rabies blood test certificate (not required of Canada)

You can read this blog for more detail. “Preparing documents for dog air travel

documents for pet travel
buddy its travel time

Kennel Preparation for Travel

  1. Dog/Cat must be able to stand comfortably inside without head touching roof, turn around and lie down. Read this blog to know more about “Right kennel size for your pet” or use kennel size calculator by
  2. Two containers or one container with two compartments for food and water must be attached to the kennel.
  3. Blanket, paper, newspaper or some absorbent should be laid on the base of the kennel. But no straw.
  4. Attach “pet crate water bottle” to the kennel.
  5. Attach a small water bottle and a small pack of sealed food to the kennel. Just in case something goes wrong someone can feed him.
  6. “LIVE ANIMAL”, “UP ARROW” stickers on sides of the kennel. <Download and print here.>
  7. Owner’s contact must be mentioned on Kennel. Mention mobile no. from the country of origin and country of destination as well. Mention multiple contacts just in case.
  8. The door will need to double locked with nylon tie straps. Carry some or airlines can also provide.

Stopover or Transit During Pet Air Travel

This is the grey area. Some people would say its best not to trouble your pet and take a direct flight. As transferring pet from plane to hold and then back does give pets some moments of anxiety. Not to forget that it might be horribly cold or hot during such transfers.

But there are also people who would suggest breaking the flight into two at least, to give your pet a break. This break works the best if its usually more than 2.5 hrs as if the transit halt is more than 2.5hrs the pet is moved to a pet hold area where they take the pet out of crate/kennel and feed them. You should check about this with your airlines as this involves some extra money as well.


User Experience………


3 yr Golden Retriever

Delhi – Amsterdam – Torornto

May, 2019

Speaking from my personal experience. My dog was travelling with me from Delhi to Toronto which was a 14hr direct flight + 3 hr for check-in and 1-2hr to check-out. But I choose a flight via Amsterdam with 7hr halt. It cost me an extra 200USD but my dog was taken to a pet hotel managed by KLM. Where he was cleaned and feed. He got a good break and was pretty happy and charged-up when he reached Canada. I called up this animal hotel or animal hold area in Amsterdam from my phone when we landed at Amsterdam and when we were about to board and the staff updated me on my dog’s health and was very helpful.


Captain’s Tips – Great Advice


If you stay back long after deboarding the plane, you can see your pet being deboarded. They are usually in the front section and they deboard them after they are done with luggage. Thanks to the Captain who gave me this advice. I was so relieved to see my dog up and healthy. 

Learned from Experience

  • Have a water bottle handy or in a bag when you land. The first thing your pet/dog would want is to have water when you get him out of crate/kennel.
  • Pets are calmer and relaxed when you are out of sight or away from them. Its good for both you and your pet. You can keep an eye from a distance where they cannot see or smell you.
  • Its is a good idea to stay away during the transit period also for teh same reason as above.
  • Keep a leash, some packed food, water in handbag. So that you have them readily available when you receive your pet after landing.
  • Keep all documnets handy.
  • If your pet’s kennel is a big one, hire a potter right at the exit, will cost approx. $20 extra but it will be so comfortable for you and your pet.
  • Carry some poop bags and some dirt/cleaning cloth along just in case your pet looses control inside airport premise after landing.
  • Airport authorities do not permit to get large dogs out of the crate before customs. But even if you can try getting your pet out only after customs or after you are out in the open waiting area. Especially if you have a big dog.

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