Registering/Licensing your dog in Brampton, Canada


So your furry friend needs to be registered or licensed in the region where you plan to stay.
For me it was Brampton. And so I had to get my dog registered at a local Peel region office.

There are three options for doing that;

  • By Mail
  • By Telephone
  • In-Person

You can read more on the official page. And also about the cost. Click Here

Documents required;

  1. Pet vaccination record
  2. Pet microchip certificate or any proof


Max CAD 40 but varies go to the official page for details. Click Here

What you get on registration;

  1. A payment slip which will also have all the information about your pet, like;
    1. micro-ship no
    2. license no.
    3. Registered address of pet.
    4. Other information about pet like age, sex, breed, colour etc
    5. A metal tag which goes into pet collar (its has registration no. engraved on it.)

You may or may not require to take your pet along, please search for shelter center no. online and call them.

The reason why you should register your pet is ……. because you are supposed to.

The second reason, if unfortunately someday your pet/dog gets lost, and is found by the city patrol staff they can inform you about your pet or return your pet to you using the metal tag in pet’s collar. That was the primary reason why got my dog registered.

The registration or licensing in Brampton is valid from 1 Jan to 31 Dec, so no matter when you get your pet licensed you need to pay the full amount, so its a good idea not get your pet registered on 29 Dec.

You can visit the following locations in person to get your pet registered;

Brampton Animal Services

475 Chrysler Drive
Brampton, ON

City Hall 

2 Wellington Street West
Brampton, ON
1st Floor, Service Brampton

Civic Centre
150 Central Park Drive
Brampton, ON
1st Floor, Service Brampton

Animal Control Officer

Call for Appointment

Participating Veterinary Clinics

Call your Clinic

I went to the animal shelter at Brampton Animal Services, 475 Chrysler Drive and they were very helpful. It took max 15 min to complete the whole process.


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